Breathe safer air

Safezone Products Inc. has developed a novel device, the SaferHatTM which will filter and disinfect the air before we breathe it. This revolutionary technology has been granted patents #US11318221B1 and #US11654211 by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The SaferHatTM works by pulling air in past a K95 filter which will filter out most particulates and some pathogens. the air then enters a UVC decontamination chamber where the air is exposed to UVC light with a wavelength of 265nm. This dosage is in excess of 15 mJ/cm2, which is enough to render most airborne pathogens sterile.

The SaferHatTM was design for immunocompromised people to allow them to enjoy more freedom of movement while remaining protected from particulates and airborne pathogens.